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Below is a list of every Dean Koontz American First Edition Novel through 2009. Each book's page contains cover scans and tips on identifying first editions. If you have titles I don't own, e-mail me. To buy Koontz titles, visit the "For Sale" page.
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There are four main sources for the information found on this site:

1. Katherine Ramsland, Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography (NY, NY: Harper/Prism, 1997)
2. Martin Greenberg, Ed Gorman & Bill Munster, The Dean Koontz Companion (NY, NY: Berkley, 1994)
3. Dean Koontz: A Reader's Checklist and Reference Guide (Middletown, CT: CheckerBee, 1999)
4. Ownership or contact with owners of the titles discussed. When others provide information, credit appears on the book's individual page.
Please alert me to any mistakes so that I may fix them immediately.

writing as Dean Koontz ( * denotes either children's or non-fiction book )
After The Last Race Frankenstein Series Phantoms
Anti-Man From The Corner Of His Eye Relentless
Bad Place Good Guy Robot Santa *
Beastchild Hanging On Santa's Twin *
Book Of Counted Sorrows Haunted Earth Seize The Night
Breathless Hell's Gate Servants Of Twilight
Brother Odd Hideaway Shadowfires
By The Light Of The Moon House Of Thunder Soft Come The Dragons
Cold Fire How To Write Bestselling Fiction Sole Survivor
Crimson Witch Husband Starblood
Dark Of The Woods Icebound Starquest
Dark Rivers Of The Heart In Odd We Trust Strange Highways
Dark Symphony Intensity Strangers
Darkest Evening of the Year Key To Midnight Taking
Darkfall Life Expectancy Tick Tock
Darkness In My Soul Lightning Time Thieves
Demon Seed Midnight Twilight Eyes
Dragon Tears Mr. Murder Velocity
Every Day's A Holiday * Nevermore Vision
Eyes Of Darkness Night Chills Warlock
Face Nightmare Journey Watchers
Fall Of The Dream Machine Odd Hours Werewolf Among Us
False Memory Odd Thomas Whispers
Fear Nothing Oddkins * Winter Moon
Fear That Man One Door Away From Heaven Writing Popular Fiction
Flesh In The Furnace Paper Doorway * Your Heart Belongs To Me
writing as David Axton
Prison Of Ice
writing as Leonard Chris
writing as Brian Coffey
Blood Risk Surrounded Wall Of Masks
Face Of Fear Voice Of The Night
writing as Deanna Dwyer
Children Of The Storm Dark Of Summer Legacy Of Terror
Dance With The Devil Demon Child
writing as K. R. Dwyer
Chase Dragonfly Shattered
writing as John Hill
Long Sleep
writing as Leigh Nichols
Eyes Of Darkness Key To Midnight Shadowfires
House Of Thunder Twilight
writing as Anthony North
Strike Deep
writing as Richard Paige
Door To December
writing as Owen West
Funhouse Mask
writing as Aaron Wolfe
writing with Gerda Koontz
Aphrodisiac Girl Bounce Girl
Pig Society Underground Lifestyles Handbook
writing with (or about) Trixie Koontz
Big Little Life Bliss To You Christmas Is Good
I, Trixie, Who Is Dog Life Is Good

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