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Writing Popular Fiction
Writer's Digest
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Koontz takes the reader on a wild ride through the book publishing field as it existed in 1972, offering insights into writing believable genre fiction and getting it published. Conversational in tone, it keeps you interested and will teach you many things about creative writing. Considering that it was published when Koontz was about 26, I find it remarkable and incredibly informative although it is inferior to his later "How To Write Best-Sellling Fiction."

My Rating = C

Fun to read and a good primer for the aspiring writer, but the publishing world has changed so much since it was written that the book is hopelessly outdated as a guide to getting published.

Book Information

This book was penned by Koontz early in his career. Writer's Digest refused to allow it to go out of print until he wrote a replacement, so Koontz published "How To Write Best-Selling Fiction" in 1981. Oddly, Koontz chose to use passages from both his "Deanna Dwyer" gothics and from the erotica novels that he allegedly wrote as examples within the book, even naming some of those highly controversial adult pseudonyms! This title is tough to locate and usually commands a very high price, even for later printings.

You have the first edition if there is a $6.95 price on the upper inside front of the dustjacket.

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